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Total Annihilation Challenge from September to September

You can read about the Total Annihilation Challenge at:


Then there’s a more personal concise explanation at:

Essentially it’s an immersion challenge that you do along with others, the idea is work hard and finish with the most progress. I will be using this blog and Unilang to track it. I’ll start here with some of my goals and what I’m going to do, my self-challenge will be from September to September.

1-25,000 words known in lingq. (using mostly jedynka at
2 8000 lingq created.
3 1000 lingqs learned.
4 Have 3000 Anki cards for 10,000 sentences method.
5 Finish the novel Nigdziebądź.
6 Finish Assimil the listening, exercises and dictation.
7 50 writings submitted to Lang-8.
8 Force my wife to speak more to me in Polish.
9 Understand TOKFM podcasts.
10 Find conversation partner on skype.

Spanish –
1 Get an A in Spanish 111 and the next class in line too.
2 15000 words known in Lingq.
3 3000 lingq created.
4 500 lingqs learned.
5 2000 sentences in Anki.
6 Longer conversations with the grandparents
7 Understand the Venganzas Del Pasado Podcast.
8 Do all the Assimil Dictations and exercises
9 50 writings posted to Lang 8
10 As many Lingq conversations as possible.
11 Read El Sobrino De Mago, El Leon La Bruja y el Ropero, Cien años de soledad

1 Get an A in French 111 and the next class in line
2 10000 Known words in Lingq (using mostly geopolitique at
3 Read L’Étranger
4 5000 lingqs created
5 1000 lingqs learned
6 2000 sentences in Anki
7 Finish Assimil First Wave Exercises and Dictation
8 Have Assimil Business French started
9 Start conversations on lingq
10 50 writings on Lang 8

Well, I already know this a bit of a prayer but we’ll see. I’m a masochist I guess. At least I don’t have to learn a new writing system for any of these. I’d just like to see where I am with this stuff by September 1st, 2011.

If lingq opens starts Czech I may play with that, I may also do a little German on lingq too. I’m starting to get hungry for German again :)…

Ambition is getting the better of me…


It should be noted that these are Polish words known.

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