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Traditional Language Classes… They Try So Hard!

I almost feel bad for my Spanish professor. I can tell she loves language, she loves her native Spanish language, she speaks English well and I believe her degree is in French, but the methods she relies upon are quite obviously bad. You’ve all been in these classes… Learn present tense, learn past tense, memorize verb conjugations, demonstrative pronouns ect ect.

Yet it remains completely obvious that most students do not learn. It remains completely obvious that students lack interest. It remains completely obvious that Americans in general do have second language skills unless they were born into a language other than English. Yet we continue to beat that dead horse, a corpse that long ago decayed.


My #Lingq Banners and #ForeignLanguages

So you can see on the right hand side here all my little banners showing the words that I know in a number of different languages.  Some of those languages, like Japanese, I haven’t at all started yet on Lingq.  Others, like German, I play with on and off and will eventually get serious about them.

My main languages for the time being though are Polish and French.  Since Lingq doesn’t quite yet offer Polish as an official language with it’s own library ect, I’ve jerry-rigged the English slot and do a lot of my Polish reading there.  At the time of this writing I’m currently at just over 7000 known words, but Polish being a very highly inflected language, I feel that that number should be a bit higher.  When Lingq finally does offer Polish and I switch over to a Polish slot, I’ll probably have to start from zero again!

Even though Spanish has a higher word count than French, I’ve really made French my other active foreign language study.  Right now I’m mostly concentrating on my Assimil course for French, but I do upload articles on Lingq quite often.  Slowly but surely that French number will get higher and higher.

I think if I had to say what my third language language is at this point, I’d even have to put Japanese ahead of Spanish.  I’ve begun collecting Japanese words by using Assimil and Michel Thomas.  I’m not quite ready to start really reading on yet though.

Anyway there’s a little rundown of my banners, these Lingq banners being perhaps the best tool to track my word collection obsession.

It should be noted that these are Polish words known.

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