Benny the Irish Polyglot

Our friend Benny over at Fluent in 3 months posted his results for his German C2 exam.

I think he failed in his opening goal (one part, the sounding like a native speaker he completely dropped), but I also think he did a great job. Sadly he did not study in the way that he claims to be the best way.

His German should probably go on his list of languages he now speaks, but not for the reasons he claims work. He has now officially learned every language he knows in either the traditional way or the Lingq/Krashen way, or some combination of both.

The only thing we can really agree with him on is the fact that if you want to speak go out and do it… His results do not reflect the actual way he’s learned languages.

His next goal is Hungarian, I’m curious to see what his detailed goals will be with a language that is only (somehow someway???) only related to Finnish and Estonian and has 14-17 noun cases depending who you ask and has far less English/Romance Language cognates than German and Czech do.

Good luck Benny.


3 Responses to “Benny the Irish Polyglot”

  1. 1 Wirtshaus Zum Spessart July 16, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    With Benny’s new goal he also dropped the “fluency in 3 month” goal, he says: “My target is to reach conversational level”. Is this fluency? I doubt it.

  2. 2 polymathisthegoal July 25, 2010 at 3:23 am

    Yeah, he does keep changing his rules… But then he’d probably write a 20 paragraph post about how he doesn’t abide by any rules…

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