What I’ve Turned Out to Be.

I think people would say that I was a pretty good speaker, at least in English ;).  I always have some quip or response to anything someone has to say.  I always have an opinion and I pay attention to the timing and rhythm of my words when there is something to be said.

I would like to think of myself as a good writer.  Of course, being a good writer takes a lot of work and I don’t write near as much as i should, it makes me think that if I loved writing so much then why don’t I find myself actually doing it more?

It all comes down to what I really am and the main subject of this new blog.  I am a ‘Word Collector’.  Before I’m a speaker, or writer, or entrepreneur (?), or sports fan, or anything else.  I am a reader, a collector of words, not only in English, but in all the languages I study.  That’s what this blog is going to be about, my random reading and my language obsession, and all the little words I collect.


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It should be noted that these are Polish words known.

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